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 Grinding  Machine

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The Smith Group is the leading manufacturers and exporters of Precision Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine in the Global Market.

Design : The precision Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine is carefully designed with very long time experience and extra ordinary state of art technology. The rigid base of machine with high quality methods and graded cast and heavier rib design for greater strength and absort vibrations while machine is utilize to its full strength.

Features: The Universal Cylindrical Grinding machines are designed with vast range of models which can be used effectively on both high production rate or tool room work. All models have mechanical and hydraulic table traverse or CNC machines for production works. We use antifriction Turcite ‘B’ slideway material in the slides in all our models.

Work Head: The work head is designed for rigidity and universal type. The spindle of work head is made of specially alloy steel fitted with ultra precision bearings for long time. The infinite variable speed of work head with optional AC Drive for better performance. Standard models have 3 steps and 4 steps speeds according to size of machine.

Tail Stock: The tail stock is designed with art of technology for maximum rigidity with special alloy steel material of ram and kept under adjustable spring load. Operation of tail stock is manual and power operated on hydraulic model.

Wheel head: The wheel head is universal type and spindle of wheel head is made of special alloy steel and heat treated to achieve high accuracy and stability of machine.

Cross Feed: The cross feed systems is made of art of technologies for best accuracy and less backlash with accurate graduations of machine. Optional at extra charges preloaded Linear Motion Guidways and Preloaded ground ballscrew for the world class standards to obtain long life and best performance of machine.

Auto Cycle Cross Feed : The automatic grinding cycle for Auto sizer models of machine operates as Rapid Approach – Coarse Feed – Fine – Feed Spark Out- Rapid reaction of wheel head and to the selected position. The auto cycle mode as features to start and stop the work head and coolant automatically.

Coolant System : The coolant system is provided with machine with tank and Coolant pump with required accessories. Optional Magnetic Coolant separator, paper band systems are available


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